Ladies Winter Super Warm Slipper Socks With Snowflake Pattern

Short Description:

● Size: S/M L/XL

● Color: Navy

● Design: Snowflake pattern

● Material: Polyester & Acrylic

● Customed: Yes

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MAXWIN Ladies Winter Super Warm Slipper Socks With Snowflake Pattern.
It will never go out of style. It is comfortable and warm. Transparent dot dispensing is used on the sole of the foot to prevent you from slipping. High quality lining is not only cold proof, but also soft and comfortable. Good warmth can give you warm care. The cloud like delicate touch made of worsted artificial fur fabric makes the fabric more delicate, smooth and warm.Greeting from the distance of nature, embrace the skin in an emotional way, soft and gentle you. Cloud like delicate feel, made of worsted, make the fabric more delicate and smoother, warm and skin-friendly, effective deodorant. No harmful dye added, care about the environment and you. Multiple colors are available.

Fabric Feature

Soft and light, like stepping on a wool blanket, full of soft fluff and warm tentacles, let people love. High quality faux fur material has remarkable heat preservation, both warm and breathable. Flexible, no ball, breathable, antibacterial, deodorant, the effect is very good.

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Some Tips

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, no bleach, tumble dry low heat.

Some Customized Service

Our service is professional, and we have qualified team to guarantee the service level. Because everything is based on your service philosophy, you can be confident in your decision making.

Customizations Available

1.Custom sizes: Different sizes
2.Custom colors: Customized according to Pantone color card
3.Some materials: Polyester, Acrylic, Faux Fur, Tie-dye eyelash, Eyelash, Chenille, Chunky Icelandic, Brushed, Wool, Mixed yarn etc.
4. Customized packaging: Hangtag, plastic bag, Carton with Shipping Marks etc.
Please contact us if you have customized ideas. Send enquiries or email to

Sample Packing Include

We usually have a J-hook and a hangtag for each item.
Also include a big plastic bag and a Five Layer corrugated carton.


A J-hook


A Hangtag


A Big Plastic Bag and A Five Layer Corrugated Carton

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